11 Best Tips To Make Perfume Last Longer

By | October 4, 2022

It’s great when the scent stays with you all day! Honestly, it’s a little tricky to get your scents to stay on as they fade after just a few hours. A typical complaint about clean scents is this: These sometimes don’t last as long as conventional cosmetics because they often eliminate many of the stabilizers and preservatives that help the product last longer — both on the skin and on the skin. environment. In this article, PerfumeTowns will give you 11 useful tips to make perfume last longer.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer With 11 Best Tips

make perfume last longer

1. Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

It may be natural to rub your wrists or elbows to wipe away the fragrance after applying to your pulse points (especially if your skin feels rather damp). The rubbing together accelerates the spread of the high notes so it becomes harder to make perfume last longer

Try tapping your wrists together instead of rubbing them together to mix the two scents together or to remove some of the perfume if you accidentally wear too much. If you want some scent to last without affecting its longevity, you can apply it on the top of your head, on your neck, or anywhere else.

2. Apply On Your Pulse Points

In fact, there is a real explanation for why we regularly apply perfume to our pulse points, including the inside of the wrists and elbows, the area behind the ears, the back of the neck, the back of the head. pillow, etc. That’s because the skin is the thinnest there because it’s closest to your blood and body temperature. The olfactory process begins when the smell warms up.

Just to be clear, Cat Chen, creator of the Skylar line of clean fragrances, tells that “all your pulse points are like little radiators.” “The fragrance is diffused by the warmth.” So this way will make perfume last longer.

3. Spritz After A Shower

Spritz After A Shower

If you do a quick Google search, you may find this handy tip to make perfume last longer: After showering, put some perfume on as steam develops the scent. Your skin and body temperature are both hot when you step out of the shower, and the heat helps to diffuse the scent. In addition, your skin is then free of pigmentation, sweat, and excess oil, which are factors that can reduce fragrance. Your pores open and your skin is naturally moisturized by water – and moisturized skin makes perfume last longer.

However, you should not apply perfume on damp skin. You should dry your body, apply moisturizer to lock in moisture, and finish with a fragrance spray.

4. Layer our Perfumes

Layering a scented body lotion or oil underneath your perfume enhances the scent and moisturizes your skin, naturally extending the life of both scents. For the same reason, some companies may even sell a pair of body oils and fragrances, although you can always choose different items with a pleasant complementary fragrance.

If you’d like, you can also layer your perfume: “You get a wider range of top, middle and bottom notes when several notes come together. That certainly contributes to making perfume last. However, you should not mix more than three scents as they will start to smell extremely similar.

5. Spray Your Heart

Spray Your Heart

Why not apply perfume, where the pulse is strongest to help the fragrance radiate from your body? You can smell it a lot if you have [fragrance] in your heart. Your heart will act as a diffuser, allowing the scent to waft up.

You should use scent in an intent set. You can get ready for the day by putting fragrance in your heart, which is related to how you feel, she adds. You will then be gently reminded of those goals every time you breathe in the scent of your heart. This is a great way to both make your scent stronger and make perfume last longer.

6. Check The Base Notes

Your basic notes will last longer. Your vanilla, woody scent, such as cedar and sandalwood, will linger longer on your skin. While you tend to detect floral and citrus top notes first, they disappear the fastest. So be aware that a scent with a strong floral scent may not last as long as a scent with a stronger base.

Gourmet scents – include “edible” ingredients like honey, vanilla, chocolate, and more. It- maybe worth your attention because they last for an “extremely long period of time”. This is a good trick to make perfume last longer.

7. Know Your Perfume Expires

Yes, perfume loses its effectiveness over time. In addition, if your perfume bottle is past its expiry date, the scent will not stay long on your skin and has almost evaporated. Also, continuing to use rotten perfume is not a smart idea.

If there isn’t enough alcohol and stabilizers in the recipe to keep it fresh (clean scents often bypass many of them), the process can go faster. Essentially, perfume wears off when it interacts with air, heat, and sunlight. If it’s expired there’s a reason, so you don’t want to extend the shelf life too much, but you can get the most out of your scent by keeping it cold and out of the sun (note: no in your bathroom).

8. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Enough moisture, enough water will actually keep the scent a lot longer

If you like to wash your hair at night but want your morning fragrance to last all day, you don’t necessarily need a shower to improve the smell of your perfume. Body lotions, lotions or oils to keep the skin moisturized can also make perfume last longer. Simply spray your favorite products onto desired areas (or all over your body while you’re there), and the added moisture will make perfume last longer.

9. Spray On Clothes

Spray On Clothes

Since sweat and natural oils can build up on your skin throughout the day and cause perfume to fade, perfume will stay on fabric longer than it does on your skin. Have you ever put on a sweater and noticed it still smells like last week’s perfume? Have you ever borrowed a towel from a loved one and noticed how it still smells? The fabric holds the scent and the memories associated with it. This is an effective way to make perfume last longer.

10. Choose An Eau De Parfum

The terms “eau de toilette” and “eau de parfum” may have appeared on one of your favorite perfume labels (sometimes written as EDT and EDP). EDP usually has a greater fragrance oil content (about 25%), making perfume last longer. EDTs, on the other hand, which contain about 15% fragrance oils, are often loved for their lighter, more airy application.

11. Use A Perfume Oil

When you apply perfume oils directly to pulse points instead of letting them diffuse into the air, they are often significantly more concentrated. Perfume oils are susceptible to your natural body temperature.” Additionally, they are often created with added fragrance.

In addition, most perfume oils contain carriers such as jojoba or coconut oil, which help moisturize the skin while retaining the scent. Finally, if you find that the scent is starting to fade, you can simply put it in your luggage to check back later.


You can make perfume last longer by following the suggestions in this article. Surely you will be surprised because the scent of the perfume is significantly improved compared to the original. Besides, in addition to finding ways to make perfume last longer, you should also learn about quality perfumes on the market to get a good scent time.

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