The 5 Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies Review

By | February 15, 2023

Did you know that Creed’s perfume is a prestigious high-end product line with a long history? Possessing royal fragrances, Creed perfume bottles have been especially loved by royalty and the elite for nearly 260 years. So what are you waiting for without discovering the Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies? Which scent will be the most suitable for you?

Origin of Creed perfume bottle

The Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies is derived from the perfume brand of the same name. Coming from France and was founded in 1760, headquartered in Paris. The brand operates in the Creed family in a way that is passed down from generation to generation and has gone through six such generations to date. Creed operates independently and is not controlled by any corporation, trend, or trend. During the 260 years of development, Creed has always diligently preserved the quintessential ingredients and created its own unique scents.

In particular, the Creed brand has its own empire of quintessential and beautiful scents. Its perfume bottles are also popular products of the upper class. Creed’s perfume makes scent lovers smile every time they touch and feel it. Simply because Creed is not only a scent but also the most enduring and sublime travel.

Advice on choosing the most suitable Creed perfume

If you want to own the Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies that suits your preferences. Then there are some outstanding, important criteria for you to make the right choice.

1. User object

First, you will need to determine whether to buy Creed perfume for men or women. Swimming now has 2 lines of perfume for 2 objects, they will have different points. For men, the fragrance is strong and attractive, and for women, it can be gentle and feminine.

2. Perfume retention

Fragrance retention time has always been one of the important factors, in helping customers choose the right Creed perfume. Usually, perfumes with longer-lasting scents have a higher price than shorter ones. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, the situation that you will choose the Creed perfume has the corresponding scent retention.

3. Fragrant

Currently, Creed perfume is quite diverse in design and scent, so it is suitable for many different objects and styles. Therefore, before buying Creed perfume, you should determine how to use it in what circumstances, and what scent you like. From there, choose your favorite perfume bottle with your style.

The 5 Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies

The world of scents of Creed perfumes today is so diverse and rich. However, the most typical and worthy of respect will be the following 5 Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies.

1. Creed Silver Mountain Water EDP 100ml

This is a Creed fragrance that represents a youthful, easy-going, and beautiful style. This Creed Silver Mountain Water perfume was launched in 1995, the scent was created by the brand operator – Olivier Creed. This version of Creed Silver also embodies the joy of skiing and the beautiful waterfall in the Alps. The strong Creed Silver Mountain Water perfume also mixes a bit of freshness and youth to create its own purposeful attraction.

Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies

Creed Silver Mountain Water opens with elegant, refreshing aromas of Bergamot and citrus. Gentle and in tune, perfectly opening the stepping stone for the next scents. The middle note opens to the field with vast ethereal and airy tea leaves in the Swiss sky. Interwoven with that is the succulent, soft, clear black currant of the middle notes. Finally, the elegance and sophistication of the base notes with musk, lemon leaves, and sandalwood give the fragrance more bold and cool. So the perfume bottle blends into the floating, magical space, the definition of art in tune.

2. Creed Millesime Imperial EDP 100ml

Creed Millesime Imperial EDP is a luxurious, sophisticated scent version launched in 1995. This is also a perfume bottle compared to Aventus – a contemporary masterpiece of Creed. Creed Millesime Imperial perfume brings a scent of relaxation and leisure but is still generous. The entire perfume bottle is covered with luxurious and noble royal gold. This product seems to raise to a new level, exalting the level of the owner. This Creed perfume has since made connoisseurs spare money to own.

Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies

The top scent of this Creed Millesime Imperial perfume is an ingenious blend of fruit, sea salt, open sea, and fresh from the beautiful Sicilian waters. In addition, the unique musk scent creates an easy highlight for the top note. Next to the middle notes are citrus, lemon, and bergamot, iris will add to the beauty of Italy. Finally, the scent of wood, musk and the scent of the sea completes the vast and vivid picture.

3. Luxurious Creed Aventus For Her EDP perfume

Creed Perfume Aventus For Her EDP 75ml is the Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies launched after the success of Aventus for men. Creed Aventus for Her is a fragrance that captures the image of a strong, confident woman of the past, present, and future. The bottle of Creed Aventus For Her has a unique and creative square design, along with a white leather band wrapped around the bottom half, and the yellow perfume logo is engraved on the bottle.

Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies

Creed Aventus For Her EDP is inspired by the most powerful woman in history, the queen. Almost popular creed perfume for ladies the queen and head of state, Creed’s customers are confident modern women around the world. Breaking the rules in etiquette, Creed Aventus For Her EDP embodies the free spirit in every woman, ready for inner strength and modernity, radiant strength, leaving a difficult mark. fades on everything she touches, so she is the presence of greatness.

4. Creed Love In White Perfume

Love In White is one of the Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies drenched in oriental petals. Created by the luxury perfume brand Creed, under the creation of the perfumer duo Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed.

The scent creators from Creed said that the white sails floating on the sea were the inspiration for them to create the fragrance and design for the Love In White perfume bottle. The whole body of the bottle and the box are covered with a pure white coat. There is a gentle accent with the silver bow as well as the familiar royal cap of Creed perfume.

The special feature of this Creed Love In White is the meticulous selection of ingredients, thereby creating a seductive, luxurious, and shining fragrance. The notes are chosen to be used as travel for women to all parts of the world. From Spain orange, jasmine from Italy, narcissus from France, iris from Egypt or magnolia from the mountains of Guatemala, sandalwood from India…

5. Creed Himalaya EDP

The Creed brand has created an ultimate men’s fragrance called Himalaya. For the purpose of keeping the memory of the expedition that the maker took part in the land of Tibet. The fragrance of this Creed Himalaya EDP perfume embodies the full, eternal grandeur of the snow-capped mountains. Launched in 2002, Creed Himalaya EDP is a popular woody fragrance for Asian men, helping them to have more adventure and freedom like in the Himalayan.

Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies

The Creed Himalaya EDP perfume bottle is also the perfect choice for you to show your masculinity without losing your elegance and confidence. The pure and sweet aroma is blended with the woody middle notes until the scent fades away. This perfume has a particularly long-lasting fragrance, which is an indispensable strength of the men’s perfume line.


Creed perfume has a variety of product lines suitable for both men and women. Owning a luxurious luxury scent royal and elite, not inferior to other popular brands. So, through the review of the top 5 long-lasting, Most Popular Creed Perfume For Ladies above, you will make the correct purchase decision.

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