4 Best Companies Car Insurance for RVs and Motorhomes

By | June 20, 2023

Whether you intend to travel occasionally in your RV or live there full-time, insurance is a must.

Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes offers financial security in the event of mishaps, injuries, and other terrible events, much like vehicle insurance does. This implies that it can pay for repairs, cover medical expenses, and provide liability insurance in case you hurt someone or damage their property.

Learn how to select the coverage that best suits your needs as you read on for perfumetowns.com list of the top 4 best companies car insurance for RVs and Motorhomes.

Best RV Insurance Agency: Good Sam (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

PROS Good Sam (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)
  • Offers full-timer coverage
  • Manage your policy online without having to contact an agent
  • Membership gets you discounts on campsites, gear stores, fuel and more
CONS Good Sam (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)
  • Not a direct insurer

Why we picked this company: Good Sam Insurance Agency is your best bet if you need assistance picking a policy. It enables you to contact some of the best RV insurance companies and obtains a thorough coverage that satisfies your needs.

Best RV Insurance Agency: Good Sam

Best RV Insurance Agency: Good Sam (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

Well-known insurance providers like Progressive, Foremost, SafeCo, and National General are partners with Good Sam. You can get common insurance policies from Good Sam, such as comprehensive, collision, liability, property damage, and personal injury protection.

Full replacement cost, personal belongings, and unexpected expenses are additional add-ons. In the event that you utilize your RV as your primary abode, the firm can even assist you in creating a full-time RV insurance coverage.

If you plan to cross the border in your RV and go to Mexico, Good Sam is a great choice. The business collaborates with MexicoInsuranceOnline.com, which can connect you to one of three insurers operating in Mexico. Depending on your individual needs, agents might suggest add-ons for your cross-border journeys, and you can acquire coverage for trips lasting one day or more.

When your RV or trailer is kept in storage for longer than 30 days straight, the company also provides a storage discount that allows you to suspend collision and liability insurance. If you just sometimes take road excursions in your RV, this could help you save money on your monthly premiums.

Best RV Insurance Agency Runner-Up: RVInsurance.com (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

  • Specialists can help you find a policy
  • Policies available for all types of RVs
  • Not a direct insurer

Working with Foremost, National General, and Safeco is RVInsurance.com. From motorhomes to campers, these businesses provide coverage for all kinds of RVs. They provide a number of insurance add-ons, including roadside assistance, complete replacement cost, and full-timer’s liability protection.

You can obtain an insurance quotation online, but if you phone, an insurance professional can assist you in comparing coverage.

Best for Multiple Discounts: Nationwide (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

  • Free yearly insurance assessment to assess your alternatives for coverage and potential savings
  • Optional towing coverage includes lodging, transportation and meals
  • accessible several policies, making it simple to combine and save
  • Quotes not available online

Why we choose this business: Nationwide Insurance offers more than ten different discounts, such as those for installing safety equipment like smoke detectors or staying claim-free during the prior insurance period.

Best for Multiple Discounts: Nationwide

Best for Multiple Discounts: Nationwide (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

Most RV insurance providers provide discounts that might help you reduce premium costs. But the discount list at Nationwide is very long.If you attend safety courses, join an RV association (like the National RV Association), pay your annual policy in advance, or buy the business’ Full Timer’s package, you can save money on your RV insurance.

It should be noted that not all savings are available on Nationwide’s website, and some are only available when requesting a quote. For instance, a customer care representative said that they also give discounts for adding safety measures like a fiberglass body or a tire-pressure monitoring system.

Liability, collision, medical payment, uninsured/underinsured motorists, and comprehensive coverage are all included in their regular policy. Roadside assistance, towing and labor, vacation liability, safety glass repair, replacement charges, and Mexico coverage are additional endorsements.

Best for Full Replacement Cost Coverage: National General (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

  • Coverage for specialized equipment such as solar panels
  • When your RV is in storage, pause your coverage.
  • In the event of a total loss, experts assist you in finding a new RV.
  • Low mileage discount
  • Each state has different eligibility, benefits, coverage, and discounts.
  • Limited information about policies in their website

Why we choose this business:Only the first model year of an RV may typically be purchased with full replacement cost coverage.On the other hand, National General permits the purchase of the rider during the first five model years of an RV.

Best for Full Replacement Cost Coverage: National General

Best for Full Replacement Cost Coverage: National General (Car insurance for RVs and motorhomes)

Your RV will be replaced with a new or comparable one if it is totaled or stolen if you have full replacement cost coverage, often called as total loss replacement. Additionally, you can get compensated for the cost of the car’s initial purchase.

Typically, only recently purchased motorhomes or travel trailers up to one or two model years old are eligible for this type of coverage. A 2023 model, for instance, would likely be eligible until 2025. Therefore, you run the danger of your RV being disqualified if you purchase a used RV or if you don’t insurance your new one right away.

On the other hand, with National General, RVs are accepted for the first five model years. Although some insurance providers only offer this form of coverage to initial owners, the company can insure your RV whether you are the first owner or not.

When your RV is in storage, the firm allows you to halt your coverage, which is a feature not offered by many other companies. For instance, you can cut costs by suspending collision and personal injury riders. Your RV would still be protected against non-collision accidents such as theft, fire, bad weather, and others.

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