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Review 5 Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume of 2023

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

You may not know that the Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume line is taken from the name of the young American singer of the same name. Not only singing, but Ariana Grande also launches her own perfume line and has a good record of sales. Having said that, Ariana Grande perfume has attracted many female customers around the world to love and use. Here is a review of our team with 5 bottles of Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume that make scent lovers must collect immediately.

About Ariana Grande Perfume brand

Ariana Grande is the own brand of the famous female singer Ariana Grande. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, multi-platinum certified, and Grammy Award recipient. Because of this, Ariana Grande attracts a huge fan base around the world. Like many other artists, while gaining popularity, Ariana Grande launched her own perfume line which was enthusiastically received by the public.

The first fragrance line called Frankie was launched in 2015. Ariana perfume line is very popular with everyone and has earned a profit of more than 45 million dollars. This is a number that many traders desire.

Review 5 Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande perfume launches many lines with many different scent groups to serve the needs of everyone. So check out the review below so you can know 5 Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume samples from this company that make girls fall in love.

1. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume was launched in 2016. With a feminine and sweet pink design, it is suitable for teenage girls in the dream age.

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy belongs to the group of floral – fruit – food fragrances. The top notes have Black Raspberry, Bergamot, and Pear. Middle notes include Blackcurrant, accompanied by the sweetness of whipped cream and Marshmallow, with a hint of jasmine, and dandelion. The last layer carries a sweet suitcase scent that the girls can’t resist.

2. Ariana Grande Cloud

Ariana Grande Cloud was launched in 2018. With an eye-catching design in the shape of a cloud, the body of the bottle in blue color is placed in a white cloud, it must be said that the design of this perfume bottle is really unique. few perfume brands can have.

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume also belongs to the group of floral-fruity – food scents. The scent of this perfume bottle is a perfect blend of lavender along with the scent of coconut, whipped cream, nutcracker, and orchid to create a really sweet scent with a bit of nature. The base note also has woody and musk notes that bring a little warmth. All scents blend together to make the Ariana Grande Cloud perfume bottle both sweet and seductive.

3. Ariana Grande Ari

Ariana Grande Ari was launched in 2015, this can be considered the first perfume bottle to be released. Perhaps because of this, Ariana Grande Ari’s perfume bottle has shown everything that the singer has shown to everyone: cute, sweet, and lovely.

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

The perfume bottle starts with the scent of raspberry, pear, and grapefruit full of freshness and sweetness. Middle notes include Vanilla orchid, lily of the valley, and rose, all of which are floral scents representing women, so the scent makes people attached. Finally, marshmallows, musk, and airy woody scents soften the overall scent. The scent of Ariana Grande Ari is really unique, not only that, but it also brings femininity but sexy and seductive to the user.

4. Ariana Grande Thank U, Next

Ariana Grande Thank U & Next perfume is inspired by the album of the same name by singer Ariana Grande. The design of this perfume bottle makes a strong impression on users because it has a broken pink heart as if it shows the heart of a betrayed girl, but not because of that.

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

The scent of Thank U & Next is really sweet. Top notes have white pear and wild raspberry; the Middle notes include coconut milk and rose petals, both very sweet scents; The base notes have brown sugar mixed with musk with something warm. The fragrance that brings sweetness and charm is very suitable for young girls.

5. Ariana Grande Moonlight

Ariana Grande Moonlight launched in 2017. Although not as appreciated as the above fragrances. However, Ariana Grande Moonlight is still loved by users. Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume has top notes of currant and plum. The heart is a combination of sweet marshmallows and peony flowers. The base notes of amber, sandalwood, and vanilla blend together to create a fresh, sweet but no less seductive scent.

Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande Moonlight has a disadvantage in that the scent is quite poor, only about 1 hour and the scent is only faint on the skin, not much scent. If you just want a light scent, this is not a bad choice.


Thus, the article has summarized the 5 Best Smelling Ariana Grande Perfume that is highly appreciated, with a seductive fragrance. With the suggestions that we share, you will surely find your favorite product line, showing your own class and personality. Thank you for reading!

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