The 6 Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car

By | January 17, 2023

There are several Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car. Effective methods for deodorizing your automobile include keeping the windows open to let the inside air escape, sprinkling baking soda, storing vinegar or charcoal in the car, applying air fresheners, cleaning the carpets.

In the worst situation, you may also think about having a professional detailer work on your car. Let’s examine the Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car in more detail.

The 6 Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car

1. Clean the car

To start, are you certain that the shank is just coming from perfume? Or are there further offenders? It’s not going to get any better if you have a stinky Lincoln and a ton of perfume in the mix.

Therefore, clearing out all of the trash, partially melted chocolate bars, and moldy Big Mac boxes that are emitting burger stench from your car should be your first order of business. Take them inside or discard them if you have test strips from department stores in plenty like I do.

Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car

And the perfume you keep in the glove compartment to sprinkle on before work or on a hot date? You’re not doing it any favors, I assure you, by keeping it in your car.

A bottle of perfume being kept in the automobile is fatal for it. The perfume’s oils rapidly deteriorate due to the frequent changes in temperature and humidity experienced in the automobile, which also accelerates evaporation. So kindly bring that terrible scent inside and stop leaving it outside any longer. That will likely lessen the perfume scent in your automobile as well.

2. Air Out Your Car

Airing out your automobile is, of course, one of the easiest and best ways to get rid of a perfume stench. For a few hours, leave the windows and doors open in your automobile so that it can aerate. For optimal effects, if it’s safe to do so, leave the automobile windows cracked or open at night.

Deodorizing your automobile is as simple as letting it air out. However, there are some all-natural solutions you may use if the perfume scent is still there after aerating your automobile.

3. Utilize charcoal

Utilize charcoal

No, not for a grill (though it goes without saying that charcoal is superior to gas). Who knows when households have been using charcoal as an air purifier and deodorizer to get rid of unpleasant odors?

Simply put a few charcoal pieces or an unopened bag in your car for the night. Any smells that remain in your automobile will be absorbed by the porous charcoal. Additionally, the charcoal won’t be harmed by absorbing the odors in your car, so you may utilize it however you wish afterward. The Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car is using charcoal, but if you don’t have some on hand, there are other solutions you may try.

4. Use Vinegar- Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car

Nearly one of the most beneficial chemicals on the globe is vinegar. Air deodorizer is only one of its countless uses. Just leave a dish or cup of white vinegar in your car for the night. The other scents that are infiltrating your automobile will be driven away by the vinegar’s strong stench. You may also clean highly fragrant spots with a basic vinegar solution.

Just be aware that your car can still smell like vinegar after employing this technique, but you have to fight fire with fire when it comes to the tank.

5. Baking Soda

Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car

The cheap bicarbonate of soda must be another candidate for the title of most beneficial commodity ever created. Baking soda is also a highly powerful air deodorizer, exactly like charcoal.

Sprinkle some baking soda all over your car, then let it alone for a few hours or overnight to deodorize it. After that, vacuum the soda up. In order to use it as a sort of air freshener, you can also leave it in a container with some holes on top. But if none of these organic remedies have been able to de-shtank your automobile, you may need to pull out the heavy guns.

6. Use a Carpet Cleaner

If the odor continues, you could be dealing with a more serious issue. It’s possible that the perfume odor has seeped into the fabric of the automobile and is resistant to standard methods of eradication. Don’t give up just yet if you’ve found yourself in this predicament.

The Best Way To Remove Perfume Odor From A Car that may have permeated your car’s fabric is by using a carpet cleaner. At auto and hardware stores, you may discover a variety of carpet cleaners. Just make sure you have the proper one for your car and your issue since some can be pretty caustic and may not be appropriate in all situations. The Little Green Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner from Bisell ought to be excellent for cleaning your automobile.


It might be a little unsafe to smell test perfume in your automobile. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gone on a perfume testing spree in Saks or Neiman Marcus, returning to my car with a full buffet of test strips and sample vials. I coveted and guarded them for weeks, like Smaug guarding his hoard of wealth, and soon my car began to acquire quite the tank, which is my phrase for the fairly nasty smell that results from too many scents mingling together.

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