The Best Burberry Perfume For Men With 10 Coolest Scents

By | October 12, 2022

Founded in 1856, Burberry is a British high-fashion brand. Its unique check patterns make it a famous couture designer and they are easily recognizable anywhere. Burberry has produced several classic fragrances for both men and women, notably over the past ten years. Burberry perfume for men has always been a top seller on the market, and for good reason – they smell great.

In this article, I will discuss the best Burberry fragrances for guys and what makes each fragrance unique in terms of scent.

The Best Burberry Perfume For Men: Top 10 Greatest Suggestions

1. Burberry London

Burberry London

  • Top notes: lavender, bergamot, warm cinnamon
  • Heart notes: rich leather, mimosa flower
  • Base notes: opopanax, tobacco leaves,  guaiac wood, and oakmoss

An oriental scent with pungent nuances, London for Men is a Burberry perfume for men that captures all the mystery and adventure of the East. This scent was developed by Antoine Maisondieu and launched in 2006.

Burberry’s classic tartan motif is wrapped around the bottle and packaging, suggesting that this fragrance is best suited for chilly weather. As essential for winter wear as a soft scarf and sturdy boots is this warm and spicy fragrance combination.

London is a fragrance for a man who is unique, sophisticated, and elegant, exuding confidence and enthusiasm in all he does. This sophisticated and luxurious combination is ideal for your winter living. Therefore, you should not retreat in yourself simply because it is very cold outside!

2. Burberry Brit For Him

Burberry Brit for Him

  • Top notes: ginger, green mandarin, bergamot, cardamom
  • Heart notes: nutmeg, wild rose, cedarwood
  • Base notes: Tonka bean, Grey musk

The scent of Burberry Brit for Men is the definition of the carefree, contemporary man: apathetic and effortless style. This Burberry perfume for men, developed in 2004 by the famous perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, is lively and powerful without being overwhelming. The fragrance comes in a chic rectangular bottle covered with a recognizable tartan pattern that Burberry is said to have popularized as a timeless fashion trend.

One of Burberry’s finest fragrances, the scent’s traditional ingredients are combined with a contemporary flair to create a depiction of the contemporary British spirit, upholding tradition while traveling. before.

With Burberry Brit for Men, you can add a touch of laid-back flair. This fragrance, combining contemporary fragrances with traditional ingredients, aims to help you appear stylish effortlessly in any setting as you start your day.

3. Mr. Burberry EDT

Mr. Burberry EDT

  • Top notes: grapefruit, tarragon, cardamom
  • Heart notes: birch leaf, cedarwood, nutmeg oil
  • Base notes: vetiver, sandalwood, guaiac wood

This perfume is produced by Francis Kurkdjian, one of the most famous master perfumers in the world, and is inspired by the British tradition of the effort gentleman. It has the structure of both traditional and modern scent components.

This Burberry perfume for men is packaged in a modern black box reminiscent of a vintage Burberry coat. Inside is a sleek glass bottle branded Mr. Black Burberry. A black cap and a black ribbon resembling a man’s bow complete the design.

Any event can be covered by Mr. Burberry for men’s perfume. It has a fragrance that can be described as “professional”, a very enjoyable fragrance, and perfect for daytime wear to help you focus on work whether you are sitting at your desk. or in the meeting room. Even if the smell is unique, no one will suffocate in the elevator and you won’t go out of your way to try too hard to impress.

4. Burberry EDT for Men

Burberry EDT for Men

  • Top notes: Bergamot, mint, lavender, thyme
  • Heart notes: Moss, sandalwood, geranium
  • Base notes: Cedar, amber

Burberry for Men was designed by renowned perfumer Michel Almairac and was released in 1995. A simple clear glass bottle with a silver top and silver writing in a brown box. with a brown border decorated with Burberry’s iconic tartan pattern.

This masculine scent is created from a combination of fresh, invigorating, warm, and woody scents.

This is the fragrance of a kind, approachable and trustworthy man. You can wear it at any time because it is a classic. I’d say the warm wood tone makes it especially suitable for fall and winter wear.

This Burberry perfume for men is suitable for situations where you want to show your typical manly side, but it’s also a great choice when you want to get out of the ruts and warm up your heels.

5. Burberry Touch

Burberry Touch

  • Top notes:  Violet Leaf, Artemisia, Mandarin Orange
  • Heart notes:  Cedarwood, White Pepper, Nutmeg
  • Base notes:  Tonka Bean, Vetiver, White Mus

This Burberry perfume for men is a woody, floral, musky fragrance, and Jean-Pierre Bethouart is primarily responsible for its creation.

Orange and violet leaf are among the top notes, while white pepper and nutmeg are among the most notable. Tonka bean and white musk are included in the base note, and these different notes eventually come together to create a pleasant fragrance, making this perfume ideal as a fragrance for starters. young boys.

This Burberry perfume for men has a good shelf life and is long enough to last through a day of work or study. However, the fragrance is great for use in the evening, making it a great choice for dates and other such social gatherings. It is suitable for young guys but also sophisticated enough for older guys.

6. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Him


  • Top notes: Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Basil
  • Heart notes: Leather, Styrax, Patchouli
  • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Cedarwood

Due to the strong heart of black leather, Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him 2013 eau de toilette is classified as a leather scent. This Burberry perfume for men contains spicy and fresh notes and is a great Burberry fragrance for men and boys who want to smell good every day but without being overpowering.

The scent also features prominent notes of basil, juniper berries, top notes of cardamom, patchouli, and heart notes, and base notes of tonka bean, cedarwood, and frankincense along with black leather heart notes of it.

Anne Flipo, Olivier Polge, and Dominique Ropion are responsible for creating the scent. This Burberry perfume for men lasts for several hours once applied, however it may need to be reapplied throughout the business day. It can be worn practically anywhere and in any circumstance, including going to work, school, date night, and leisure pursuits.

7. BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Toilette For Men

 BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Toilette for Men

  • Top notes:  Black Pepper, Citron, Violet Leaf
  • Heart notes: Thyme, Geranium
  • Base Notes: Wood, Vetiver

The companion scent of Burberry The Beat for Women is Burberry The Beat for Men, an eau de toilette spray. The 2008 release of the perfume can be characterized as having a spicy-fresh scent. It is the result of a collaboration between Domitille Michalon Bertier and Olivier Polge.

Black pepper and violet leaf are the top notes, and geranium and thyme are the middle notes. Vetiver and woody notes are among the base notes, which linger for several hours after the first application.

This Burberry perfume for men is Burberry’s best perfume for those who prioritize value over others as it is both high quality and affordable. The level of projection indicates that it is a perfume that can be sprayed heavily for a longer-lasting effect. It has a long life and can last a whole working day.

9. Burberry Weekend


  • Top notes: Lemon, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange
  • Heart notes: Ivy, Sandalwood, Oakmoss
  • Base Notes:  Honey, Amber, Musk

Burberry Weekend, an eau de toilette first released in 1997, is another timeless scent. This Burberry perfume for men is fruity and sweet with citrus notes.

The fragrance is ideal for weekend use as it has been created to give a relaxed, casual impression. In addition, it works well for casual business environments and many types of social gatherings. Especially, young men can use it as a daily perfume.

Lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, citrus, ivy, oak, amber, honey, and musk are among the most notable elements of the scent. The fragrance has good longevity and light concentration.


We hope that our selection of the best Burberry perfume for men helps you decide which perfume best suits your sense of smell.

If you are looking for a perfume or Burberry perfume, they have a great variety of scented items with a wide selection of notes and combinations in their fragrance.

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