How To Add Perfume To A Bottle? 2 Simple Ways To Extract Perfume

By | January 4, 2023

How To Add Perfume To A Bottle? If you are a perfume user, you must have heard of the concept of extracted perfume. Fragrance extracts make it more convenient for us to travel long distances or in cases where we want to test a new scent. In this article, we will share some information about extracting perfume as well as How To Add Perfume To A Bottle? at home which anyone can do.

What is perfume extract?

Genuine perfumes are usually contained in large bottles with a capacity of up to 100ml or 200ml. Extracted perfume is a perfume that is transferred from a large bottle to a bottle of small capacity (1ml, 2ml, 5ml…depending on the purpose of use. The division of the solution into small parts is called the way of perfume extraction.

Fragrance extract has a compact appearance that is very convenient to carry when traveling abroad. For those who are new to perfumery, buying perfume extracts is more cost-effective, which helps you find your favorite scent and use it for a long time.

How To Add Perfume To A Bottle

Use the way to extract perfume from large bottles to small bottles to lower the price. Fragrance extracts are mostly extracted from genuine perfume bottles with dented, scratched packaging or containers or can also be from trial perfume bottles for customers. Stores will take this perfume to extract many small parts and sell it on the market.

For example, when a 100ml bottle of perfume on the market costs 140$, but the seller splits it into 10 parts, each small bottle is 10ml, the price is approximately 14$ per bottle. So the basic perfumes are all genuine perfume bottles, but because of the small capacity, they will be cheaper.

How To Add Perfume To A Bottle very simple?

To know How To Add Perfume To A Bottle at home, you can use one of two ways to extract perfume from a large bottle into a small bottle below:

1. How To Add Perfume To A Bottle by Using syringe needles

How To Add Perfume To A Bottle

  • First, you need to prepare the perfume extractor. Includes syringe needles and mini perfume dispensers, small bottles. Needle tubes are sold at pharmacies, veterinary shops, and hospitals; (note that only the cylinder is needed, no needle is needed).…
  • As for the small bottles or tubes of perfumery; Amazon sells a variety of perfume bottles with different capacities.
  • Open the cap of the original perfume bottle. About how to open the cap of a perfume bottle; You just need to apply force and turn it counterclockwise to open the lid.
  • Press the cylinder head into the nozzle section. Press firmly vertically so that the 2 tubes are in full contact; Do not let air escape at the contact rim and pull slowly. (If pulled quickly, the pressure will be lost, and the perfume will be pulled up unevenly).
  • With the perfume part going into the cylinder; Remove and refill into the pre-prepared small bottle.

2. How to spray directly?

How To Add Perfume To A Bottle

  • Perfume extractor in this way only needs small bottles or mini perfume extraction tubes with the desired volume.
  • This way, you don’t need to open the perfume bottle cap; but instead, simply place the spray nozzle of the perfume bottle at right angles to the mouth of the small bottle; Carefully observe whether the nozzle of the nozzle fits the mouth of the bottle.
  • After determining that the spray nozzle is in the correct position; Quickly press the spray nozzle until the small bottle is full.

Some notes when conducting perfume extraction

Note the following to ensure the best quality of the extracted perfume.

  • Fragrance extraction steps should be carried out in an airtight room and must have enough light to easily control the amount of perfume extracted.
  • Do not turn on the fan while performing perfume extraction; because that will cause the perfume to be lost faster.
    The best way to extract perfume into small bottles is in a sealed air-conditioned room with a temperature of 16 – 20 degrees.

How to store extracted perfume?

After extracting perfume into many smaller bottles, you need to store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This is a simple measure to help extract perfume from large bottles to small bottles to always keep the best scent and quality.

In addition, it prevents perfume from spilling or evaporating causing waste due to improper sealing. Cut a piece of clear tape and wrap it around the cap and body of the perfume bottle for a more secure fix.

There will be bottles that do not really meet the standards of perfume protection; Therefore, you need to take reasonable measures to preserve perfume.


Above are the simple ways to How To Add Perfume To A Bottle? at home that we introduce to everyone. We hope that it will always be the best choice of bottles when you intend to do business in extracting perfumes.

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