How To Add Perfume To Candles? 3 Best Ways To Add Scent

By | January 5, 2023

How To Add Perfume To Candles? Scented candles can be lit for a variety of purposes. Some people use this to get rid of or cover up bad behavior in the home or to make it feel cheerier and more hospitable. Some people use them as part of their aromatherapy regimen to enhance their bodies, minds, and spirits by arousing their senses. Whatever your motivation, you may quickly create your own scented candles. Choose from the many different smells that are offered, and then use your imagination to combine and contrast them. Find a wonderful scent that is uniquely yours. Here is our guide for How To Add Perfume To Candles?

How To Add Perfume To Candles? 3 Best Ways To Add Scent

1. How To Add Perfume To Candles by using Fragrance Oil?

How To Add Perfume To Candles

Step 1: Gather resources. If not, you can find one at shops that offer home goods if you don’t already have one at home. Buy the perfumed fragrance oil from a candle store to sample a variety of scents.

Step 2: Purchase perfume oil. Simply put, fragrance oils are odors produced artificially. Because there are so many different aroma alternatives, fragrance oils are used to make a lot of perfumes. Additionally, it is a cheap method to flavor candles. Most large businesses that sell goods for candles or home décor also sell oils.

Step 3: Turn on the candle. Allow it to burn for a few minutes or until a puddle of melted wax that is approximately an inch deep has formed around the wick. When it occurs, extinguish the candle.

Step 4: Blend in the fragrance oil. Add a few drops of fragrance oil using an eyedropper to the warm pool of melted wax. A lovely, mild aroma should be produced with just 3–4 drops. However, apply a few extra drops for a stronger fragrance.

For the best results, read the directions as each bottle of fragrance oil differs somewhat from the next. The container will reveal information about the concentration of your specific oil.

Step 5:  Agitate the wax. Mix the wax and oil together with a toothpick or any tiny object. Small circles near the wick should be the starting point, and then you should move outward. Be as thorough as you can to distribute the oil evenly. To prevent a mess or burning your hands on hot wax, stir slowly. By combining two oils, you may get a distinctive aroma. Think of blending vanilla with rose or lavender with pine.

Step 6: The wax should cool. Wait for the wax to totally cool and solidify. It will take a while to do this. By doing this, the oil will be given a chance to truly seep into the wax, enhancing the aroma even more.

2. How To Add Perfume To Candles by using Wax Beads?

How To Add Perfume To Candles

Step 1: Make a clean-burning candle. Wax beads, which are small wax balls just a little bigger than sand, are necessary. These come in a wide range of hues. A glass jar, wick, and essential oil of your choice are also required. Your options can determine the size and form of the glass jar. You could simply use a mason jar or a small glass bowl that you already have at home. You may buy essential oil, wax beads, and wicks from the nearby craft store.

Step 2: Fill the container with beads. Pour the wax beads around the wick while holding it in place in the center of the intended container with one hand. Fill the container only partially. Leave a space of about one inch at the top. Additionally, the wick must be somewhat higher than the beads. To ensure that the beads are dispersed equally throughout the container, use a spoon to flatten and smooth the beads’ tops.

  • Simply trim the wick if it is too long and keep the extra piece for another purpose.
  • Lead-containing wicks should be avoided as they contain toxicity. Pick one made of beeswax or soy wax instead.

Step 3: Oil essential is added. A highly concentrated aroma made from plants, leaves, and flowers is called essential oil. Numerous advantages of aromatherapy include the promotion of health, optimism, joy, and other things. Apply a few drops of oil to the beads using a dropper. A lovely, mild aroma should be produced with just 3–4 drops. However, apply a few extra drops for a stronger fragrance. Stir the beads carefully with a toothpick to help the oil permeate the whole thing.

Read the directions before using an essential oil bottle because every bottle is a little bit different. The container will reveal information about the concentration of your specific oil. Remember that essential oils are more strong than fragrance oils since they are natural.

Step 4: The beads should rest. While you may burn your candle right away, it works best if you give the fragrance time to fill the entire container and settle. It’s recommended to wait for 24 to 48 hours. Cover the container if it has a lid if necessary.

Step 5: Turn on the candle. When ready, ignite the candle to release the fragrance.

3. How To Add Perfume To Candles by using Scented Cubes? 

How To Add Perfume To Candles

Step 1: Buy fragrant cubes. Small wax cubes with a strong aroma are called scented cubes. There are many different varieties of scented cubes available at most major merchants. They can be used in addition to candles, however, most people set them on a warmer where they melt and generate a scent.

Step 2: Turn on the candle. Choose a candle and let it burn for a few minutes, or until a puddle of melted wax has gathered around the wick that is approximately an inch deep. Put the scented wax cube into the melted wax when this has happened. The flame will aid in the scented wax’s ongoing melting and the release of a strong aroma that will fill the space. Because the wax cubes are so sturdy, you might want to consider using a butter knife to cut them in half.

Step 3: Don’t stop having fun. The perfumed wax will melt and create a waxy coating. The scented wax layer will release an aroma for quite some time after each lighting of the candle.


When manufacturing scented candles, fragrance oils should always be chosen over essential oils since they mix well with melted wax and provide the desired aroma for a longer amount of time than essential oils do compare to alcohol. Make wise choices while selecting the smell for your candle.

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