How To Apply Perfume?- The Right Ways For Long – Lasting

By | October 7, 2022

How To Apply Perfume: The last (and fastest) step in your beauty routine is usually cologne. A little flexibility here and there will get you out the door. Because of the fact that applying perfume looks so simple, you can’t even consider it. But there’s more to a scent than just eye-catching. The location and amount of perfume applied as well as storage (such as the vanity in a steamy bathroom) can all affect how long the fragrance stays on the skin and in the bottle.

Do you want to know how to properly apply and care for your favorite fragrance? Here are 8 key tips for how to apply perfume to prolong the freshness of your favorite fragrance.

The Golden Rules On How To Apply Perfume

How To Apply Perfume

How To Apply Perfume

1. Spray Perfume Onto Pulse Points

About how to apply perfume, you don’t know where to spray perfume? Keep a close eye on your pulse points. In fact, you can feel your pulse in these places because that’s where the veins are in relation to your skin. It can be found in areas such as behind the knees, inside the wrists, inside the elbows, behind the navel, and behind the ears. These heated body areas release more heat, aiding the natural diffusion of the fragrance. To make the perfume last all day, dab or dab the perfume (remember not to rub) on some or all of your pulse points.

2. Avoid Rub Perfume into your skin

Surely you have seen your mother, grandmother or friends rub their wrists together after spraying them with perfume. One of the earliest how to apply perfume we know of is this (and one of the hardest to break, TBH). However, when you apply perfume to your skin this way, the top notes really disappear before they have a chance to settle. This implies that the notes that first draw you into the fragrance never actually transfer to your skin.

In order for your fragrance to last and smell slightly different on each individual, you want your perfume to gradually blend with the natural oils on the skin. Friction when applying perfume to the skin can heat the skin and change the scent.

3. Apply Perfume Post-Shower

Perfumes actually absorb better into the skin when it’s warm outside and the pores are open. Many of us apply perfume as the last step before leaving the house. Applying it after showering, when the skin is still warm and dry, is a great idea.

4. Apply To Clothing

How To Apply Perfume

Many people love adding scent to their clothes and this is also a good way how to apply perfume. You should not spray on fabrics such as silk because they are easily faded by perfume oils. As a general rule, if the fabric is washable, crumple it. To ensure even coverage, rub the fabric in the mist.

Also, keep in mind that stained clothing can make you smell the perfume completely. Perfume can have a more powdery smell on clothes because of the nature of the fabric, which only gathers selected components of the perfume, not entirely to your liking. So go ahead and use your clothes with your special fragrance and know full well that it won’t smell the same as if you put perfume on your skin appropriately.

5. Moisturize Before Apply Perfume

Speaking of really dry skin, perfumes often dry out quickly on the skin. As a tip on how to apply perfume, try dabbing it on a thin layer of unscented body lotion or dab Vaseline instead (i.e. mineral oil). These moisturizers not only keep your skin soft and smooth, but they also provide a surface for perfume oils to cling to, prolonging your scent.

6. Spritz, Then Walk Into Our Perfume

Have you ever been a few feet away from someone and felt overwhelmed by the smell of their perfume? Don’t let us be that person. Instead of concentrating on one (or everywhere), distribute your perfume throughout the room to keep the scent but not overpowering. When using perfume, you want it to accentuate and accentuate your natural scent rather than cover it up completely.

Do a “step and step” by spraying the perfume in front of you, walking straight into it, then turning around instead of spraying it all over your body. This on how to apply perfume will ensure that you are covered and leave a thin film on your clothes (without overdoing it).

7. Spritz In Your Hair

Spritz In Your Hair


A familiar trick on how to apply perfume is to spray a little perfume into your hair beyond the pulse points. It seems that the fragrance will naturally come out when you turn your head if the wind blows through. However, it’s not always a good idea to apply every scent formula to your hair. For example, alcohol-based products like Eau de toilettes and parfums can really dry out your hair. Instead, you should just use pure perfume oil on your hair or make sure your formula is alcohol and water-free.

8. Store Perfumes Appropriately

You will be surprised if you know this tip on how to apply perfume, just like us, you consider your favorite eau de toilette as a decoration for your vanity. You should not leave perfume in the bathroom because the daily steam can interact with them. Water, humidity, and sudden temperature changes can change the composition of the perfume and shorten the shelf life of the bottle.

In addition, the composition of perfume can be destroyed by any kind of light, especially sunlight. How should I store my perfume? The answer is a cool, dark, and dry location. Try keeping your perfume bottles in your makeup drawer or bedroom closet before burying them in your closet or just keep them in your perfume box.


Those are all great tips when it comes to how to apply perfume to prolong its effectiveness of the perfume and longevity. Do your research and apply perfume at the right times to get the best scent. If you know other great ways how to apply perfume, please share them with us under this post.

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