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How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol? 2 Simple Steps To Finish

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol?

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol? The smell of alcohol in perfume is often “stigmatized” and thinks that the perfume bottle is of poor quality. But not everyone understands the importance of alcohol in this fragrance industry.

In the world of fragrance, perfume is one of the important inventions in the beautiful work of women. From the olden days, when there was no modern perfumery processing industry like now, people have been known to distill flower petals in crude metal pots, condense essential oils and apply them on the body. This article will show you How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol.

What is the Alcohol in Perfume?

Ethanol in perfume is a major and important component of perfumery, it accounts for up to 70% of perfume content depending on the type of EDP or EDT perfume. Alcohol essence has volatile properties that help to support the aroma particles for better aroma flight. However, there is a category called Perfume – there are perfume lines that do not contain alcohol such as perfumes in solid form or in liquid form. For solid perfumes, only warm notes of incense are included, with little citrus flavor because the solid form cannot evaporate as quickly and as much as the perfume in liquid form.

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol

The main ingredient that makes the perfume last long and radiate the scent in an authentic way thanks to the fragrance essence of the perfume

Why is there alcohol in perfume?

Since ancient times, perfume has been used by people in a very simple form such as boiling the petals and gathering the essence of the perfume or forming a wax to apply on the human body. Today when the perfume industry has become indispensable in the modern world for women and even men, the role of perfume has become almost indispensable.

Perfume for women is like an invisible thing that shows a girl’s personality, a seductive scent that shows that she is an attractive girl. Or a slightly strong smell that represents a girl’s personality.

The development of the perfumery and fragrance industry has gone through many stages, the raw materials used for perfumes are also many from natural herbs, and petals to wood but all perfumes today. There is one indispensable thing that is “alcohol”.

If you have been a perfumer or a long-time perfume user, you must have asked yourself “why is this perfume bottle full of alcohol? ” or ” maybe this is a fake perfume because people smell too much alcohol ?”

The perception of many people still thinks that “there should be no alcohol in perfume”. So what is the meaning of alcohol in it?

The role of alcohol in perfume

Ethanol in a perfume plays a very important role. Because alcohol is volatile, the scent will be spread strongly when mixed with essential oils. Alcohol helps perfume last longer and is an indispensable ingredient in genuine perfumes.

1. Alcohol helps perfume not infect bacteria

Alcohol has an antibacterial effect, so adding alcohol to the perfume will help the perfume bottle fight bacteria, so your perfume bottle will be sterilized, without alcohol it will be easy to become infected, leading to a damaged perfume bottle. damaged.

2. Alcohol helps perfume smell sweet

Due to the light consistency and quick evaporation, the tiny perfume molecules will be supported to fly further, helping the scent on you to spread quickly.

Without alcohol you can imagine that it’s like spraying water on your body, it just stays there, stays wet and uncomfortable. In the presence of alcohol, the molecules will evaporate quickly leaving your skin dry but spreading a wonderful scent.

3. Helps perfume quickly fly away the water when sprayed directly on the skin

Imagine you spray perfume on the skin of your hands or the back of your neck but it keeps getting wet and won’t dry, it’s annoying if that happens. But the alcohol prevents that, it carries the water away and leaves only the most essence on your skin.

Is a lot of alcohol in perfume good?

Although the role of alcohol is very important, not all alcohol is good. It is all strictly controlled and has certain proportions. A lot of alcohol in a perfume bottle will definitely make your scent overpower the alcohol smell. And a lot of alcohol while a small percentage of essential oils is also a trick used by fake perfumers.

When you use fake perfume its fragrance only deceives you at first and artificial perfume also has only 1 fragrance layer while genuine perfume has up to 3 different scent layers.

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol?

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol?

You will need:

  • Aromatic alcohol
  • Your preferred fragrance oil
  • A 100ml perfume bottle with a screw-on pump cover

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol? 2 Simple Steps To Finish

Step 1. Measure out the Perfumer’s Alcohol. Fill the measuring jug with 80ml of the perfumer’s alcohol before adding it to the perfume bottle. After that, add 20 ml of your fragrance oil to the perfume bottle.

Step 2. Meausủe the length of the spray bottle cap and trim if needed. Next, give it a good shake. Give it a vigorous shake to combine the ingredients; it’s very self-explanatory.

How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol?

It is advised to fully whisk both components together in a dish before adding them to the perfume bottle if you are producing a large batch of perfume. That’s truly it, too! Please show us your work!


Now you knew How To Mix Perfume Oil With Alcohol and the role of alcohol in perfume, we hope the information we give you is useful for you, thank you for reading!

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