The 3 Basic Components Of Perfume and Why Does Perfume Have Such A Scent?

By | January 29, 2023

During the perfume consultation process, we received a lot of questions such as: “What are the Basic Components Of Perfume and how do they work? To answer this question, our team invites you to refer to our article below.

The 3 Basic Components Of Perfume and How does it work?

1. Alcohol

In any perfume bottle, alcohol is always the most abundant Basic Components Of Perfume, it is a solvent used in perfumery. Since the Middle Ages, alcohol was considered the best way to dissolve aromatic substances, because of its volatile nature to spread the fragrance quickly and strongly.

Alcohol is highly stable, easy to produce, non-toxic to the skin, and has antiseptic properties. Alcohol is produced by fermenting raw materials and is used in perfumery when it is 95.5% pure, the rest is water and has almost no impurities.

The high alcohol content has a bad effect on the skin, and many manufacturers try to prevent it by adding emollients and protecting the skin from the drying effects of alcohol. PEG-40 and Glucam P-20 are two emollients and skin protectants, they are known as emulsifiers and are derived from Castor or Wheat. In addition, emollients increase the viscosity of the composition and slow down the evaporation of some extremely volatile components.

2. Water

Why water, there are two ways to get water in perfume. Water is available in alcohol, and can be 100% alcohol (also known as anhydrous alcohol) but its production takes a lot of effort and time.

Water is actively added to the perfume when deionized (the process of removing salts and minerals) with the aim of keeping the alcohol at a certain percentage by volume, usually 79-80% to avoid being damaged. additional tax administration. Higher than 80% will be taxed, and lower than 79% will affect the solubility of essential oils in perfume.

Basic Components Of Perfume

Water is less volatile than alcohol and it helps the scent to disappear more slowly (just under 20′) than 100% alcohol. Of course, water is only a small part to avoid making the flavoring Basic Components Of Perfume less stable.

Sometimes, when manufacturers deliberately want to reduce the alcohol content of the perfume and increase the water percentage, by adding solvents. It works to prevent essential oil mixtures from becoming less stable and helps the oil-water bond to be maintained at an ideal level.

3. Perfume essential oil

The essential oils in perfumes are often extracted from plant and animal materials in nature. Or synthesized from chemical substances, if that natural material is rare and difficult to extract. There are 3 types of fragrances that are classified based on the origin of the scent, including plant-based (floral, fruity, woody, …), animal-based (musks, ambergris, …), and flavor from food (vanilla, ginger, pepper, …).

Basic Components Of Perfume

Perfume essential oil is the Basic Components Of Perfume that creates the characteristic scent of each perfume. Each perfume bottle contains about 50 to 200 mixed scents. Usually, perfume companies will announce the main scents of each scent layer. But the recipe or Basic Components Of Perfume to create that scent will not be announced. Because that is the secret, the result of the inventor’s long research process cannot be revealed.

Meaning of alcohol in perfume

1. Preserve the scent and quality of essential oils in perfumes

A perfume bottle from the manufacturer to the consumer goes through many stages and takes a long time. And for the scent to be preserved intact during transportation, alcohol is an indispensable Basic Components Of Perfume. It helps prolong the use time as well as helps the scent to be kept best and not changed. While not a permanent preservative, you certainly don’t want your perfume bottle to degrade quickly or change the scent, right?

2. Protect perfume from the harmful bacteria attack

Fruits, flowers, wood, … or animal products, if not preserved, will be easily attacked by bacteria. And so are their essences in perfume bottles. But when there is protective alcohol, the perfume bottle will not be degraded or damaged under the influence of bacteria. Because they will not be able to live in an alcoholic environment for a long time. Therefore, rest assured that your perfume bottle is always safe.

3. Help perfume smell better

Basic Components Of Perfume

Alcohol is light in nature and evaporates very quickly. At that time, they will pull the perfume molecules to evaporate along, making you can smell the perfume as soon as you spray it. This Basic Components Of Perfume will help the scent spread faster. And depending on the type of essence or the way of invention, the fragrance spread will be different, from the level of fragrance close to the body to about an arm’s distance.

In addition, scent retention is also somewhat dependent on the concentration of essential oil and alcohol concentration. The higher the concentration of the essential oil, the lower the alcohol concentration, and the longer the fragrance will last, and vice versa. Perfume retention also depends on the body of each person as well as the environment and outside temperature.

4. Helps the skin to dry faster

Because of the volatile nature of alcohol, when sprayed, the perfume will quickly evaporate all water molecules, returning dryness to the skin. Surely if the perfume is still wet on the skin, you will feel very uncomfortable, right?

Why Does Perfume Have Such A Scent?

The first reason is derived from the essential oils that make up the perfume bottle The essential oils often present in perfume bottles are often extracted from natural Basic Components Of Perfume from animals or plants. In some cases where such material is quite rare and difficult to extract, it will be created from the synthesis of chemicals.

Basic Components Of Perfume

There are three fragrance lines classified based on the origin of the scent, divided into animal scents (Iris, musk, …); flavors from foods (ginger, pepper, vanilla, …), and vegetable flavors (fruit, floral, woody, ..)

Perfume essential oil is the Basic Components Of Perfume that directly affects the characteristic scent of each perfume. Each perfume bottle usually contains about 20- 250 different essential oils that are combined, and delicately blended.

Usually, brands that produce perfume bottles will only announce the main scents in each scent layer without making all of them public because it is the company’s privacy, and secret and is the result of both research and production process should not be exposed to the outside.

The second reason is the alcohol content contained in each perfume bottle: If compared to the past, people often have the opinion that a perfume bottle containing alcohol is an unqualified bottle, a fake. But the truth is that today in the perfume processing industry, Alcohol is an indispensable Basic Components Of Perfume. Because thanks to alcohol, the scent of the new perfume are enhanced and spread more. Besides, it also helps the perfume bottle to have a longer-lasting fragrance and preserve the essence of the perfume better than usual.

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