How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car? 7 Best Ways You Can Try

By | January 23, 2023

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car, deodorize musty odors, air conditioners, seafood, tobacco, durian… in the car interior? Please apply the following ways to know How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car?

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car?

Regarding the new car smell, Janis Ambrose Shard – director of color and decoration at Toyota shared, the new car smell is a mixture of organic compounds released from the materials inside. vehicle, organic impurities in the exhaust system. Any details with components made of flexible plastic, or vinyl such as taplo panels, steering wheels, leather seat covers, or seat cushions … are the cause of unpleasant odors for new cars. Because they all contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is the source of the strong, unpleasant odors inside new cars.

These volatile compounds when released into the air will bind together or can combine with other molecules to form new compounds. The VOCs from plastic and vinyl in cars are derived from carbon and are released even at normal temperature conditions. The concentration of VOCs is not really too high, but it will also affect health if exposed for a long time.

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car

Currently, there are many ways to How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car that you can apply to quickly deal with this unpleasant smell:

1. Turn on the air conditioner to get outside air

Immediately after receiving a new car from the company, if possible, you should roll down all the windows to circulate air, allowing volatile organic compounds to escape quickly. However, if you are afraid of dusty roads and hot weather, you need to turn on the air conditioner and choose the air conditioner to take the outside air (Fresh Air mode) instead of the inside air (Recirculation mode). This is also a new way of deodorizing the car that helps reduce volatile organic compounds.

2. Park the car in the hot sun and open the car door

It sounds strange because, with a newly purchased car, everyone is “loved like an egg”, how can the car “bear the battle” in the hot sun? However, this is an effective new car deodorizer that some experts share. Because volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will often be released and evaporate more quickly when exposed to high-temperature conditions. This is the reason why cars with closed doors parked in the sun often have a strong smell, especially producing Benzene.

If your new car smells too bad, you can park it in the sun and leave the doors open to speed up the release of VOCs. According to experts, you do not need to do it many times, just do it once as soon as you receive the car. After drying in the sun, put the car in a cool place, keep the door open to let the steam out completely, and finally clean the interior of the car and start enjoying the first experience with your “pet car”.

3. Whole-roasted coffee

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car

Whole bean coffee has very good odor absorption properties. This is considered an effective new car deodorizer tip. Auto accessories stores now often sell very convenient car-hanging coffee bags, you can buy them to hang your car or put them in the car door drawers to absorb the new car smell. In addition to the ability to absorb odors, coffee beans emit a gentle coffee aroma, helping to keep the spirit awake. However, the ability to absorb odors as well as spread the aroma of coffee beans is also limited. After using it for about 2-3 months, you should replace the bag with a new one.

4. Pineapple leaves

Similar to coffee beans, pandan leaves also have odor-absorbing properties, bringing a pleasant aroma. You can put a 1-2 bunches of fresh pandan leaves under the car to deodorize new cars born from plastic and leather details… But this new way of deodorizing the car has the disadvantage that the pandan leaves quickly wither. Therefore, from 3 days to 1 week, you should replace the pandan leaves with new ones.

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car

5. White Vinegar

Vinegar is also a new way to deodorize cars, especially deodorizing leather seats and plastic items in the car. Because Acectic Acid has a mild antibacterial ability, it helps to eliminate odors. However, because it is in liquid form, deodorizing the car with vinegar will need to be careful to avoid the vinegar being spilled.

It is best to only use vinegar to deodorize the car at night when the car is in the garage. Place a bowl of vinegar water on the floor of the car. If you don’t want the vinegar smell to stay in the car, you can open the car door completely. The next morning before leaving, do not forget to take out the bowl of vinegar water.

6. White wine

How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car? White wine also has the ability to deodorize. You can mix alcohol with water at a ratio of 1:2, soak a clean towel, wring it out and then wipe it on car surfaces such as the dashboard, steering wheel, leather seats… The new car smell will quickly evaporate with Alcohol.

7. Pineapple or fruit in general

Fruit also has a deodorizing effect. Therefore, many families often leave fruit in the car, both for reuse and as a trick to deodorize new cars. However, if the fruit is left in the car if you want to use it fresh, you should only use it during the day. As for fruits and vegetables used for the main purpose of deodorizing the car, especially the smell of leather and plastic, they can be left for a few days to a week. When fruits show signs of yellowing, they should be handled immediately, avoiding being left for too long.

Because in a poorly ventilated environment such as a car, fruit is very fast, and easy to decompose, creating a bad smell, and attracting insects. The best deodorizing fruit is pineapple. You can put a whole pineapple in the car. In addition, using orange peel, tangerine peel, and grapefruit peel … also helps to deodorize new cars.


Here are all the ways to How To Remove Perfume Smell In Car. Depending on each case, you can apply 1 or combine many ways together. However, “prevention is better than cure”, to limit the car’s odor, you should periodically clean the interior of the car, and limit eating, and smoking in the car …

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