How To Remove Perfume Quickly and 6 Best Ways To Use Properly

By | January 20, 2023

How To Remove Perfume Quickly? Here are a few pocket tips for you. The smell is considered an invisible piece of jewelry for women, but it doesn’t always make you more gorgeous. Sometimes, because you are so passionate about a particular scent, you use it too much, making this scent an obsession for people around you. This article will guide you through the 3 best ways to remove perfume quickly and 6 ways to use it properly.

How To Remove Perfume Quickly?

Perfumes often stick to the scent for a long time, so How To Remove Perfume Quickly often causes beauties to have a headache. Here are 5 ways to help you quickly “blow away” the scent of perfume on your skin.

1. Use alcohol or alcohol

This is considered the most common firefighting method. You can use a cotton pad soaked in a little alcohol and apply it to the area where the perfume is sprayed. If alcohol is not available, use vodka instead.

2. How To Remove Perfume Quickly by using baking soda?

How To Remove Perfume Quickly

Mix baking soda with warm water, apply it on your skin for a few minutes, and then wash it off. Baking soda is known to be an effective deodorant, able to eliminate the strongest scents.

3. How To Remove Perfume Quickly by using vinegar and Olive Oil?

How To Remove Perfume Quickly

Mix white vinegar and olive oil, apply on the skin for about 10 minutes, and then wash with soap and clean water. This method not only quickly deodorizes perfume but also leaves a pleasant fragrance on the skin.

The secret to using perfume properly, long-lasting 24 hours

Perfume is one of the indispensable items for both men and women. The perfume you use also reflects your own personality and preferences. However, many of you wonder why the fragrance does not last long even though you use an expensive perfume. But are you using perfume correctly? Let us pocket right away the secret to using this long-lasting perfume.

1. Fake perfume

Currently, on the market, there are countless fake perfumes of unknown origin, imitating big and famous brands. These fake perfumes extracted from poor-quality ingredients bring unpredictable consequences such as:

  • Scents are made from chemicals that create a strong, pungent odor that causes headaches, discomfort, etc.
  • Can’t keep the smell for long
  • Easy to cause sensitization, skin irritation
  • The risk of causing skin cancer when used for a long time because these fake perfumes are made from toxic ingredients, of unknown origin. So, to avoid “losing money”, you should go to big stores with clear permits to buy yourself “genuine” perfume bottles.

2. Not using perfume properly

No matter how expensive a bottle of perfume you own, if you do not use perfume correctly, it will not be as effective as expected. Here are the mistakes when spraying perfume:

  • Only spray once and hope to keep the scent all day.
  • Spray a lot for more fragrance and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Use your hands to rub the perfume deeply into the skin.

How To Remove Perfume Quickly

Give up all these bad habits. Because they will cause your perfume to change the smell or create a passionate scent that is uncomfortable for the opposite person, etc. Spray perfume 3 times or more and spray it in places with a pulse on the body. such as the neck, nape, behind the ears, wrists, etc. This will help the scent to be kept all day and spread throughout the body naturally.

3. Geography of the body

If you are prone to sweating and greasy, the perfume will easily evaporate and cannot keep the scent for a long time. Therefore, regularly clean the body, and use skin care products to increase moisture to help the skin limit sweating. This will help your perfume last longer throughout the day.

4. External factors

External factors such as environment, and weather will greatly affect the creation of scent and keep the scent of perfume. If you often move and work in a dusty, hot, rainy, windy environment, etc., the perfume you are using cannot keep the scent for a long time.

On the contrary, with an air-conditioned office environment, with little movement, the perfume will certainly promote its use well. Therefore, depending on external factors, consider whether to use perfume or not so as not to waste as well as help perfume promote optimal effectiveness.

How To Remove Perfume Quickly

5. Storing perfume the wrong way

Placing perfume in places with high temperatures or humidity will change the composition of the perfume, making it easy to lose the scent. So you should store perfume in a cool, dry place to help perfume keep the smell for a long time and can use perfume for a long time.

6. Choosing the wrong volume of perfume for the intended use

Perfume after opening the lid will gradually reduce the effectiveness of scent retention as well as fragrance strength if you use it for too long. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, choose the appropriate capacity so as not to lose the effectiveness of the perfume.

You can choose the “full size” capacity if you often use perfume in large body areas to save money for yourself. And vice versa, if you rarely or occasionally use perfume, you should choose mini versions to avoid waste.

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