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The Perfect Guide: How To Test Perfume For The Best Choice

How To Test Perfume

How to test perfume? A person’s favorite lipstick color or ideal wardrobe can be individually chosen like their favorite perfume. You want to discover something that really is you and something that you admire! You may want to smell each perfume bottle when you go perfume shopping. After all, each of those exquisitely designed bottles and rollers looks enticing. However, just trying that can get extremely overwhelming for both you and your nose.

To be able to really make an informed decision, it is important to go through a perfume sample test before making a commitment to what to buy. How to test perfume? Here are some suggestions on how to test perfume to the fullest.

How To Test Perfume With The Perfect Ways

Paper Blotters

How To Test Perfume

Blotting paper (the strip of paper you see near perfume bottles on display) is often the first step on how to test perfume in your perfume or perfume shopping journey. Blotting paper is made from porous, absorbent paper that allows the perfume to be absorbed quickly so you can read the scent of the perfume. To use, quickly spray a cloud with two or three downward sprays. Pass the scent strip through the cloud and let it absorb. Swipe the perfume strip under your nose, being careful not to touch it. Absorbent panels need to be kept at least a few inches away. Pause for a moment, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

Try On Skin

After you’ve tested the perfume on blotting paper, it’s time to narrow things down to something you really want to try. How to test perfume? Select the one you want to test first, then spray it down your wrist or the back of your hand. Two spritzes should do it. Wait at least 30 seconds for the fragrance to linger on your skin before lowering your hand. Once it has started to dry, raise your hand and inhale. Avoid touching the skin with your nose; keep it at least an inch or two away.

Wait Awhile

What you might like at the store might not be what you love at home, so it’s a good idea to take some time after spritzing your wrists to do something else so you can allow the scent to come in. harmonize with the body’s natural chemical reactions. Over time, the smell will develop as you encounter each level of note in its formula.

How to test perfume? After the skin test, browse the store, order a coffee, walk around the block. Smell your wrist or back of your hand after 15-30 minutes (or so!) to see how the scent develops. Since our sense of smell is usually at its best in the morning and that’s when you’ll be most alert, it’s a good idea to try smelling scents earlier in the day.

Mind Your Senses

How To Test Perfume

When trying many new fragrances, your sense of smell can be overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to keep yourself comfortable. How to test perfume? Before trying something new, steer clear of other scents. While you may love your familiar scent, it can prevent you from trying a new scent you’ve been wanting to try. Speaking of smelling different perfumes, you should only try three different scents on blotting paper in one day. Your sense of smell can really only handle about 3 perfumes well before it starts to get confused!

Finally, use the provided olfactory palate cleaner (e.g., coffee beans) (e.g., coffee beans). Coffee aromas have been used by perfumers to make it easier for us to experience scent intensities at a consistent level so that they don’t fade between smells. If you don’t have any coffee beans on hand, you can try smelling your own clean skin instead to “reboot”.

How To Test Perfume With Great Tips

How To Test Perfume

  • Limit the number of scents you test to three at a time. The brain cannot distinguish between more than three.
  • Buy perfume in the morning. At that time our sense of smell is most acute.
  • If you have a signature scent that you love, ask a perfumer for other fragrances with similar ingredients and personalities. Consider it similar to fashion. You may have brands and styles that you prefer over others. The scent is the same. You’ll have more fun with familiar notes.
  • When you’re ready to buy your new perfume, ask if there are any gift sets or deals included with your purchase. For just the price of the scent, you can usually buy a body cream or shower gel in addition to your perfume.


Here are some ways you can test your perfume before you buy it. In the guide on how to test perfume, you also need to apply the tips to be able to test the standard perfume. Fragrance testing is an important process when buying because if you don’t, you may not be able to choose your favorite perfume. Good luck.

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