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The Exactly Tips On How To Check Perfume Is Original

How To Check Perfume Barcode

How to check perfume is original? The beauty industry is now recognized as a multi-billion dollar industry in this millennial era. Around the world, countless brands of cosmetics, cleaning products, and even perfumes have been created, each with a compelling claim.

Due to the fierce brand competition and eye-catching price tag attached to these products, other manufacturers have modified them and sold them at more affordable prices. They suggest refilling your perfume bottle while assuring you that the new product is exactly the same as the old one, or you can create your own scent by making sure that the base ingredient is elemi or essential oil genuine, used in perfumery to help preserve their fragrance.

Even if that sounds great, are you really getting the quality promised with these knockoffs for the money you spent?

How to check perfume is original? Here’s a technique to tell if the perfume you’re buying is genuine, in addition to knowing the specific name and scent of the brand you choose.

How To Check Perfume Is Original With The Best Tips

 The Packaging

 The Packaging

How to check perfume is original? Any product’s quality can be initially assessed by looking at how it is packaged and wrapped. Minor details matter when it comes to scents. The package is neatly wrapped in the cellophane packaging of real perfumes. It may be false if the cellophane is disorganized or shifting about the box. Another element is the adhesives used in the packaging. The perfume is probably a fake if there is a lot of tape or glue within the container or on the outside. Open the package and inspect the packaging as well. Any premium manufacturer or brand will utilize premium paperboard to construct the product box. flimsy packaging indicates a phony.

Feel The Bottle

You can tell if a product is made with quality by feeling the bottle in your hand and this is also a way of how to check perfume is original. The writing and logo on the bottle should be clean and free of stains, the surface of the bottle should be smooth and free of air bubbles, and the inscription should be legible. In addition, the cap must be firmly attached to the bottle and difficult to remove even when upside down. The weight of the bottle must be heavy and made of high-quality materials to keep the perfume in the best condition.

Check The Labels

Reading the label on the bottle and packaging will not reveal whether the perfume is genuine or not. When discussing how to check perfume is original, keep an eye on it and make sure that the brand or label is printed evenly. It could be a fake if the brand name is inconsistent or the packaging has any typos. The barcode of the genuine perfume must be on the bottom of the box; you should be careful about fine print details.

The barcode also reveals the location and production date of the perfume (the same perfume may be manufactured in different places and therefore may have different barcodes). For example, French perfumes have barcodes starting with 30-37, British perfumes have 50, and German perfumes have 400-440.

Also, pay attention to whether the print is blurry; you may become a victim of decoding. Once the information about who the perfume was sold to has been removed, the perfume needs to be deciphered. This is usually displayed near the batch number and there, usually, a sticker with the country of origin of the perfume displayed.

When you buy coded perfume, it may cost more than in the store where it is normally sold. Since it makes no sense to decipher a perfume for a fraudulent product, the chances of such a “deciphered” perfume as fake are quite low.

Observe The Fragrance

Observe The Fragrance

How to check perfume is original? Look carefully at the composition of the perfume before spraying. Verify that the content looks clear. Genuine perfumes are always clear and free of strange colors or residue. Since they are made to appeal to young people, cheaper perfumes often have a sweeter scent than more expensive ones. On the other hand, more expensive perfumes are more likely to include multiple fragrances. Top notes, middle notes and base notes are the three essential oils used in perfumery.

Top notes are the ones you can spot immediately and can last up to half an hour. Middle notes begin to emerge later and can last for two to four hours. Base notes are what remains on your skin at the end of the day. Because they mimic the top notes and sometimes the middle notes of perfumes, fake perfumes are very common and significantly easier to make. How to check perfume is original? Check out how the real perfume and cheaper perfume smell on your skin after two, four, and six hours to compare the two. A cheaper perfume might smell horrible or not smell at all.

Pay Close Attention To The Price

Although it’s not always a reliable indicator of the perfume’s quality, if it’s incredibly inexpensive for the “brand” it claims to be, it’s probably a scam and not the actual thing. The pricing generally gives a decent indication of authenticity, though there may be exceptions, such as stock clearances when a store is shutting.

Do Some Scent Research

Do Some Scent Research

How to check perfume is original? You should conduct research on the ingredients, notes, shelf life and other important aspects of your perfume. Not all perfumes are suitable for the above categories. For example, a single scent from a well-known luxury perfume brand is not cheap. It is also possible to create an affordable, delicate and unsweet scent. You can always search for your favorite brand’s website or reputable blogs that offer brand reviews. If a single perfume smells weird or doesn’t match the description on the manufacturer’s website, that’s a warning sign that the fragrance isn’t authentic.


Always exercise caution when making purchases. It’s best to do some research on your chosen brands first, pay attention to the little things before purchasing your go-to perfume, and purchase perfumes from reputable retailers.

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