How To Check Perfume Barcode With The Most Accurate Ways

By | December 15, 2022

Fake perfumes are now being created and marketed in increasing numbers. Buying a fake is extremely easy if the buyer is not paying attention or being alert. And in today’s share, we will detail how to check perfume barcode to help you avoid buying non-genuine perfume bottles.

What Is The Barcode On The Product?

The Barcode On The Product

Barcodes are special symbols used to encode, store and transmit information related to products and goods. Barcodes are considered as an “ID card” to prove the origin of goods, and the validity in circulation, as well as help users, distinguish different types of goods. Therefore, each type of product and goods will be printed with a unique number and barcode.

Today, barcodes are extremely popular applications, it appears in most products and goods. You can easily see when entering a store, most of the products sold here have the presence of barcodes. And in that, the most used barcode for products, specifically the barcode on perfume bottles, is the EAN-13 barcode. The barcode number header will represent the country code head of the country.

How To Check Perfume Barcode

How To Check Perfume Barcode

With the development of technology – today’s technique, how to check perfume barcode will have many different ways. But here, we only introduce to you 2 ways how to check perfume barcode that is evaluated and applied many days, that is:

Check Perfume Barcode By App, Software, Application

This is a way to check barcodes that is currently used by users quite popularly because of its convenience as well as ease. When using applications, applications, and software to check perfume barcodes, on your phone screen, it will help to display complete and detailed information related to the product. The information about perfume bottles on the software is always updated quickly and accurately, so you can rest assured and trust.

Some of the best perfume barcode checking apps for users are iCheck Scanner, Vietnamese Barcode, QR Code Reader, QRbot, QR & Barcode Scanner,…

To be more specific about how to check perfume barcode by perfume barcode checker app, here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1: First, you have to download those barcode scanning apps to your phone device.

Step 2: When the download is complete, start the application and set up the necessary information.

Step 3: Then start using the app to check the perfume barcode. There are 2 ways to scan the code, they are:

Use the camera on your phone to put up the barcode, the QR Code has been printed on the stamp or on the side of the perfume product.

Or take a photo of the QR code on the perfume bottle and save it in your photo album. Then upload the captured image to the barcode scanning software application.

Step 4: Once you put the barcode on the machine, you need to wait a few seconds for the app to process, the system will show you the results of the information on that perfume product that the business has provided.

Check Perfume Barcodes Online Through Websites

How to check perfume barcode? For even more convenience in scanning genuine perfume barcodes, you can also use websites to check barcodes online without having to download apps, applications, and software to mobile devices.

And the mandatory condition to be able to perform this way of scanning barcodes is that the machine must be connected to the Internet.

A few popular websites to check genuine online perfume barcodes: are Online Barcode Reader, ZXing Decoder Online, Barcode Lookup, UPC Index, ScanIT, etc.

Here are the steps to check genuine perfume barcode online, namely:

Step 1: You can use your phone or computer device to access the website address you want to check the barcode online.

Step 2: In the search bar of the website you proceed to enter the full sequence of numbers under the barcode of the perfume bottle you need to check. In addition, you can also take a photo of the barcode printed on the stamp or on the side of the perfume bottle, and then upload the captured photo to the website for checking.

Step 3: Depending on the website, there will be an “Enter”, “Submit”, or “Search” key to enter and perform the search.

Step 4: Wait for a few seconds, the website system will process and return the results corresponding to the checked perfume product.

What You Need To Know About How To Check Perfume Barcode

How To Check Perfume Barcode

To make checking genuine perfume barcodes by barcodes easier and smoother, your QR code must be clear, not broken or wrinkled.

In the process of scanning the code, not every perfume bottle when checked will give you all the information you want, but in some cases, perfume items are purchased at reputable cosmetic stores. but when you check you will not see the information. The reason is probably at that time, the perfume product was just launched, so the publisher of some software had not yet updated the product information on the system.

Therefore, when you check the perfume barcode without finding product information, it does not mean that the perfume bottle is fake, imitation or poor quality.

In addition, due to the strong development of technology, it is no longer too difficult to copy and decode barcodes today. So, scanning barcodes is just one of the small factors in helping you check products. This is not an absolute precision method. So, to make sure owning a genuine perfume, is worth the money you have spent, choose reputable sellers.

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