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What Are The Best Gucci Perfume? The 4 Best Perfumes For Every Girls

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume 4

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume?  How much? These are the questions that newbies often encounter. One of the top fashion brands in the world. Gucci always brings to its customer’s designs with high aesthetics, in addition to carefully invested quality. Therefore, for many years, Gucci has always been the name chosen by the faithful. So is Gucci women’s perfume expensive? Please refer to the article below for the answer What Are The Best Gucci Perfume?

About the Gucci brand

Gucci is known as the world’s leading luxury fashion brand. Loved by many celebrities as well as the elite. The person who laid the foundation for this fashion “empire” is the master designer Guccio Gucci. Gucci was officially born in 1881, in the potential land of the world fashion village, Italy.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume

After more than a century of storming the world fashion map. Few people know that the “king” Gucci has gone through so many ups and downs to get where it is today. Not only “dominating” the fashion and accessories market. Gucci perfumes always give us a great experience of scents with many different styles and personalities. Some of the most famous Gucci women’s fragrances include Gucci Bloom, Gucci Guilty… Loved by millions of women around the world.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume?

Each scent is created with a mission. Each of the stories told will be specific to a different audience. So, girls, please refer to the following story to see What Are The Best Gucci Perfume?

1. Gucci Women’s Perfume Bloom EDP – A fragrance for every girl

The first and also the perfume bottle that makes a name for Gucci today – is Gucci Bloom EDP. The perfume line is famous for its fresh, gently floral scent that makes many girls fall in love. This girl was released in 2017 and is the first and most successful session of Bloom’s collection. It can be said that this is a very successful perfume bottle for Gucci Perfume. And this is my favorite scent in the Bloom Gucci collection.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume

The first notes I feel are the fresh green taste of the leaves and the smell of tuberose, jasmine is quite obvious. After a while, only the pleasant, relaxed feeling of the white flowers remained. And in the end, the vanilla flavor pops up, making the overall sweet and seductive. The scent of this Gucci female perfume makes me think of girls in their twenties, active, enthusiastic, and full of life. Not only that, but it also shows the youthful vibe of the girl’s age.

2. Gucci Women’s Perfume Flora Gorgeous Gardenia – Lady of Gucci

A girl who is currently peeing with a sweet, feminine look is what comes to mind as soon as I feel the scent of Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. One of the most successful scents of the Flora collection. Gorgeous Gardenia is inspired by the scarf that Gucci dedicated to Princess Grace of Monaco. Beautiful, gentle but extremely seductive.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume

If each scent in the Flora by Gucci collection represents each different personality of the modern woman. Then Gorgeous Gardenia is the embodiment of femininity, and tenderness but not fading. It is that gentle but profound, contemplative feature that makes many guys fall in love. Flora Gorgeous Gardenia opens feminine, and tender with succulent pear notes. Gentle but clear as the surface of the West Lake in autumn. Slowly becoming beautiful, sexy with a smile on her lips, and eyes that speak with the scent of gardenia and dahlia. Beautifully heart-fluttering, causing nostalgia by the end of patchouli.

3. Gucci Bamboo EDT Perfume – Simple but not trivial

Have you ever heard of a perfume bottle inspired by a plant? If not, you must have never tried Gucci Bamboo perfume. Inspired by bamboo, a woody species that represents strength, courage, and always growing upright. Bamboo perfume brings confidence and bravery to modern girls when appearing in the crowd.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume

Although it bears the name of a tree. But Gucci’s Bamboo scent has nothing to do with bamboo at all. With the main notes of casablanca lily, orange blossom, and bergamot. Gucci Bamboo leads us from the initial sweetness and coolness to sophistication and courtesy and finally stops with warm woody notes. A rather interesting experience for “cool” girls. Not a passionate, hot, enchanting perfume. Gucci Bamboo is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and extremely brave young girl.

4. Gucci Guilty Intense perfume – Elegant lady in the city

Honored to be seen as the pride of modern ladies. Gucci Guilty Intense stands out with its luxurious design in black gold as the main color. It feels extremely luxurious and classy when held in the hand. In addition, the unique fragrance is also the reason why women fall in love at first sight.

What Are The Best Gucci Perfume

With three main ingredients are lilac, pink pepper, and amber. Guilty opens with the leader of an extremely passionate and sexy pink pepper. Not stopping there, the sexy, and provocative is also continued by the scent of heliotrope, violet, and heliotrope on the next floor. Enhances the beauty of elegance and grace for women. Besides, the scent of patchouli, and amber changes to make her become warm and unusually gentle. Until the end, she left in the opponent’s mind the image of a brave and confident girl at every step of life. What makes many men admire?


What Are The Best Gucci Perfume? Through the “story,” I told above, I don’t know if she has found her true love yet. Remember to choose the prestigious store to buy and avoid buying the poor quality ones, or you can buy on Gucci Website. Hopefully, this review will help her soon find the most suitable Gucci scent for herself.

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