Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review- Givenchy Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum

By | January 7, 2023

Gentleman Boisée perfume is introduced by the Givenchy perfume brand exclusively for men with a delicate blend of notes. The spicy woody fragrance brings masculinity and harmony to a subject for true gentlemen. The scent is not too picky and is especially prominent in autumn and winter. This Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review will give you more detailed information about the Givenchy Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum:

Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review- Givenchy Gentleman Eau De Parfum

1. Gentleman Boisee perfume history:

Givenchy Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum is a men’s fragrance officially launched in 2020. The latest version of Givenchy perfume is for gentlemen who love integrity and aggression. Contained in a uniquely designed glass bottle are layers of incense that depict many sexy and elegant aspects hidden deep in the manly man.

Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review


The aromatic woody fragrance group is perfectly condensed in the Givenchy Gentleman Boisée EDP perfume bottle without any criticism. The contrast between strength, bravery, lightness, and softness is neutralized through scent. A man who behaves politely is always someone who balances personality factors with each other and is loved and admired by everyone around him.

He experiences a sexy, masculine fragrance that is exploited through the duality between warm woody notes and noble Iris flower. Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum man appears before our eyes with the image of an elegant, seductive gentleman who is both mysterious and romantic. “Seduce” is the user’s sense of smell to discover the surprising hidden power.

2. Gentleman Boisee perfume design:

Givenchy Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum bottle possesses a meticulous design through every line. The most transparent, rectangular glass material combined with dark brown creates a feeling that cannot be more luxurious and attractive. The design becomes even more impressive when not only does the same color, the bottle body turns to transparent white as it approaches the end.

The bottle has a square and angular shape but does not forget the rounded corners to create soft, curved lines. In addition, the words printed with the product name in yellow stand out on a black background, bringing a regal style to the boys. The appearance of the Gentleman Boisée EDP bottle makes users more curious about how masculine and impressive the scent inside is.

3. Gentleman Boisee perfume scent:

According to our Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review, Givenchy Gentleman Boisée EDP fragrance is attractive from the pungent woody aroma group. Introduced as a spicy aftertaste, it is not as “picky nose” as many people think. The scent is just right, lightly touching each floor of the user’s emotions, leaving an indelible mark in the mind. Even after using hundreds of different high-end perfume lines, Gentleman Boisée still holds an important place for you and you will surely desire to own it again.

A solid, masculine gentleman not only thanks to an attractive scent but also has to keep a stable scent. Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum does a great job of keeping the scent lingering on the user’s body for 3 to 6 hours. And the distance of fragrance within a radius of 1 meter is enough to push masculinity to the most sublime level. With that deep fragrance, he transforms himself into a comprehensive man in all aspects, easily conquering every girl in the world.

Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée For Men

A guy who wants to impress his woman at the first meeting, cannot lack a warm aftertaste that creates a sense of stability when leaning on her. Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum opens with aromatic green notes of coriander mixed with just enough spicy black pepper. The distinctive scent of stork also fascinates us and becomes the starting point for the exciting adventure of the sense of smell.

Through the heart note, we can feel all the quintessence that the mixologist sends through the Givenchy Gentleman Boisée EDP perfume bottle. The blend of cedar and iris always creates masterpieces in perfumery. We’ve seen a lot, but in the Givenchy fragrance, everything becomes more special and explosive with the addition of dry, lightly sweet cocoa beans. A warm embrace and intense emotions are what people crave from him and are fully satisfied.

Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review

In the base notes, Givenchy Gentleman Boisée Eau De Parfum is once again sublimated with woody notes that make anyone fall in love. Through each scent movement, we can see his sexy sophistication. The mystery that seemed to be the weak point that made him aloof, now makes people more curious, wanting to learn about things around that guy’s life. Oriental sandalwood and patchouli clearly express the concern for women and the attraction that comes from masculinity.

4. Gentleman Boisee perfume price:

Currently, Givenchy Perfume has a 100ml version of Gentleman Boisée available for consumers. With us, you are completely assured of 100% genuine product quality and market-leading competitive prices. Don’t worry about long shipping orders, or complicated payments because there is an enthusiastic and attentive staff who are always ready to support customers: A 100ml bottle of Gentleman Boisée EDP perfume: On average, will cost about 110$ and is available on the Givenchy website. After many Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review we think that this price is reasonable for the quality of Gentleman Boisée EDP perfume.


The guy who is attached to the Givenchy Gentleman Boisée fragrance is sure to be a polite guy, gentle with women, and showing bravery in times of need. The fragrant woody scent will energize and invigorate so that an autumn and winter day passes faster and more excitingly. We hope that the Givenchy Perfumes For Men Review will help you. Thank you for reading!

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